“I find myself in a dark-ish place. I don’t really understand what’s happening, my body shakes and trembles with fear. My heart hurts because of what I feel around me. I try to remember where I was yesterday and I can’t. I hear sounds that reawaken old fears in me. Some people come near and try to help me but they don’t know how. I also don’t know how to respond. I have water and food but I don’t want to eat. I find myself anxious and yet I can’t move. My body is fine, I don’t have any wounds except for the old wounds of my life. I’ve walked the streets, they’ve hit me, despised me. Always insecure.

This feeling that runs through my being seems like the same feeling I’ve lived with on a daily basis; jolts, challenges, risks. A hostile world. However, today feels stronger than ever. My heart won’t stop jumping. I don’t cry even though it hurts. This sordid silence brought on by the deafening environment.

A pause… and for some reason the sadness that invades me starts to seem like hope.

I make myself breathe, trying to slow the rhythm down. I try to connect and synchronize with the hearts of the individuals around me. I manage it and hear the heartbeats. I feel the breathing of life around me. Shaken. Everything agitated. Suddenly I connect with someone. I don’t know if it’s someone in the same room or on the other side of the world, but I can feel their heart. I’m alive in this moment when two hearts find each other in the intimacy of the silence of the soul, where there is no noise, where everything is calm. And I’m transported.

In that connection I find myself and that brief calm lights me up and I remember who I am, why I’m here…..another pause and my interior whispers: “Resilience”.

My heart trembles again, but this time not because of fear. This time it trembles with excitement. A ray of light and electricity runs through my veins and activates my blood. The life returns to my eyes and they light up with that deep look, the look that allows you to peek in and see the soul.

Today my searching in this world ends. That seemingly wandering pilgrimage where I collected experiences that made me stronger, moments that taught me about the other’s pain, situations that revealed the souls’ needs and the disconnection of minds. Today I find myself in front of the opportunity to take the next step.

Today I gather my accumulated resilience and I make it count, because today I know that I leave being a student to become a master.

Today my present shines waiting for my future. Today, that person I am destined to find can count on me. Human Soul, I’m ready to share with you what I have learned about resilience. Together we will learn, you will bounce back from your falls and your heart will stop hurting for the past. I’m so excited to discover what it is you have to show me. Human Soul, I wait for you with heart full of hope, soul bursting with joy and in the middle of all this chaos, Life makes sense and I prepare to connect with you and follow my purpose…” Resilience”.

If you’re reading this and have felt alone, lost, without purpose, full of pain, sadness in your soul… connect with the space of silence in your heart. Wait for the answer. Be patient. If you are human, the answers tend to get lost between the daily thoughts, but you will eventually be able to hear them. They will remind you of the reason of your existence, the reason for your life today, the why of us here, now, on this Earth in this space. I’m just a dog, that seems to be one lost among many; and like many others I came to grow, to help, to expand our hearts and those of others. Today I remember and feel the purpose that joins us: love, compassion, the evolution of the spirit that lives in all of creation. ‘Why so much pain?’. ‘Why so much suffering?’. Questions that reverberate and repeat.

The pain is proportional to the strength needed to wake the mind and reconnect the soul. Leave all doubt behind, trust, and believe in the light of your heart.”

Message from a dog in a temporary shelter in Mexico City after the earthquake of the 19th September, 2017.