This is Whale. Mother Whale.

My chants today are tears, sorrow, and joy. Mother earth is rising again as goddess, and with her the divine feminine awakens in every living creature, male and female, in all. The sacred feminine cries, releases and transmutes ages of slavery and oppression.

Cry my children, cry. Do not be afraid of crying – of feeling the pain. We all incarnated here to feel and to experience and, within this experience, transmute the energies into love. The ultimate experience of Creator is to recreate itself. We are recreating all around us on a massive scale, we are redefining timelines that we want to change, we are redefining existence in this plane.

We, the whales, are tracing the new blueprint, the new planetary grid, in our waters. You know water is an electrical conductor. My song is imprinted in the entire ocean because every molecule vibrates and communicates with the other and the other and the other. This passes to the rocks, the rocks speak to the plants, the plants drink our water, the skies absorb and return the evaporated drops into the leaves and into your cities and chaotic scenarios.

Blessed water. The information is here.

You can access it, your entire being can access it. Many are still closed because they are unaware about the existence of a “back door”. Many humans live believing there is no way out and the door is there in the back of their minds, in the core of their hearts. Non-Human animals are assiting humanity in seeing again, in feeling again. We are sorry if it is too painful, but it is what it is. It needs to be for it already is and has been.

If we dont cry the stored tears, we won’t heal. If you know, if you see, if you feel and you decide to contain – to breath the sorrow in, you are returning that sorrow to mother earth, to the core. It is time to heal. Crying is like letting the pus run through an open wound, crying cleanses, by crying you sing.

Brave daughters our mother has. We, the ones existing and alive today are warriors of the light, warriors of the heart, warriors of love and we endure and we stand tall, together, crying in joyful pain because we know the healing has arrived. Be brave, be bold, be open, be as sensitive as your skin, as sensitive as your heart dictates. Do not feel sorry, feel proud because the pain is showing, it is no longer hidden and burried with in our mother’s heart.

Blessed are you daugthers and sons who allow the pain to run through your rivers and to flow into the open seas. Blessed are you all who let your hearts cry, laugh, and sing.

We feel you, you feel us, we are all one.