I was feeling sorrow in my heart, without thinking anything in particular, just feeling… the pain, the heartache of all. I said “I’m sorry, Mother” referring to Mother Earth… and she answered back…

Mother Earth Answers

“You don’t need to be sorry, my dear. No one needs to be sorry, for we are one and we are in this together. What you experience, I experience. My wisdom is yours. Your mistakes are mine as well. We are collectively realizing the damage, the destruction, and collectively fighting a virus. The virus of fear. We need to purge, detoxify, and eat well in every sense.

Everything you put into your body goes to my body as well. We are the same. Imagine that as a human you had 10 arms and each arm could attend a different task. Imagine you had 10 eyes and each eye could see a different aspect of your reality. Now imagine me, Planet Earth, with billions of arms, eyes, legs, brains, leaves and hair.

We are one.

This is your mother returning to embrace your love. So many years and eras living in the distortion of the duality, the distorted masculine: dominating, subjugating, controlling and the distorted feminine: submissive, seductive, objectified for the pleasures of men. It is time, this is the timeline we all chose to restore the balance for the planet and to awaken the new human. Complex fractal mathematics are in place, infinite possibilities and only one amongst the all. This is the one you, my children, are standing on.”

Creator Lies Within

“The fear virus is widely spread like the midas touch. When fear arises everything collides. Breathe and chant together for this is it.

Creator lies within; our friends from Vega say this as Shamshayé. Create the world you wish to see, create it in the quiet realm of your solitude and let your heart sing. Create it when you open your eyes in the morning and when you go to sleep. Picture yourself walking on those beautiful free fields. Imagine your land, our land, pristine and pure, open and calm skies and seas for there is no need for violence. Humans lead the way, because it is meant to be.

This path had to be walked for the new compassionate human to be born and walk the earth for the first time. A unique configuration is about to emerge. The full light spectrum integrated and connected.

I am not violent. I don’t destroy through earthquakes and deluges, do not send my children to hell, and do not flood your houses or create drought. I resonate, yes… indeed, strongly. My core vibrates what you chant, if your chant is not harmonious and instead it sings pain, destruction, greed, envy, violence everywhere… this is what I will look like, feel like, behave like. Understand the law of resonance and you will understand the basic principle of creation. Every thought you have resonates with what is similar… and I will amplify the resonance and reflect it back to you.”

Getting Closer to the Heart

“My dearest spirits of nature, the creatures that shine and glow, my animal kingdom that endures and stays, the ones that provide support and beautiful songs of love, your humans are getting closer to the heart, to their heart and the heart of all. In my core, a whisper, a tiny spark, that is starting to create a loving and peaceful fire. This fire is fed by love and compassion and only that.

My dearest children, my radiant human sons and daughters, create what you want, there is no need to shout about what you hate, for that only perpetuates the same thing you hate.

We are not alone. This is a macrocosmos and dimensions touch each other. Create a tunnel above your head and see. Create a connection to your heart and feel. Feel the pulse, feel the universal song flowing through your veins and beating at the pace of my drum.

I am Mother Earth and you are part of me.”