I was driving and reviewing my errands list in my mind, when all of a sudden I received the image of a horse in an enclosed space, probably a horse trailer. I immediately felt worried about the unfortunate (to say the least) situation of millions of animals right now on planet earth and an overwhelming feeling oppressed my chest. Then I started listening to what the Horse wanted to tell me… since I was in the car I recorded the message in my phone. Here is the transcription which I believe is so profound and much needed at this time…

“This is Horse.

Do not worry, my friends, because we are not as fragile as you are. There’s important differences in our vessels that make us who we are and allow us to fulfill the missions that we have come to fulfill. Every vessel serves a purpose… not HAS a purpose – SERVES a purpose. When we choose to incarnate on this plane, on this planet, we choose a suitable vessel for our mission. Non-human animals are stronger. We don’t have the same needs as humans do. And at the same time, humans don’t really have all the needs they believe they have. Their big brains create fictional needs; create fictional aids, objects, situations, in order to hide… to protect themselves.

When fear is triggered inside the human brain it is not simple. For non-human animals fear is profound. It’s worse than physical pain, but it is not complex – it’s simple. Once the threat is gone the fear subsides. For the human mind it repeats, it stays, it lingers, it recreates itself. Then it’s triggered again and a trigger-stacking occurs in a fictional way. You keep playing it over and over again, fear on top of fear on top of fear. And the fear, complex in itself for the human brain, becomes layered in an intricate network of complexity.

For non-human animals fear is experienced in a very direct way – intense and profound (as already said), but it doesn’t get complex. It doesn’t tie knots to things from the past, from the future. When it happens, it never happens to the degree of the human brain because we are physically different. But, when it does happen with a certain level of complexity (such as in animals with chronic anxieties), it happens because of an intricate, very very deep interaction with the human world and a mixing of the electromagnetic feilds that has seeded trauma. It also happens with severe loss, not neccesarily provoked by the human-animal interaction. When an animal looses his/her mother at birth for example, it creates a disruption in the natural flow of the feilds. And if this animal doesn’t have a surrogate mom, the trauma will be seeded and fear will be contructed and seeded in a complex pattern. But this is not the norm, this is not the usual happening.

It happens in Nature because Nature, in and of itself, is violent. You already know this. A 3rd dimensional world, a flesh and blood experience with the full range of emotions, has an innate violent component in it. But it is not a dis-synchronized violence. It is a harmonious violence that is required to keep the life force existing, growing, evolving. Every growth is violent in itself. Even the tall tree that grows at a very slow pace. There’s violence in that growth, there’s expansion, there’s stretching, there’s reaching out and there are difficulties in that growth path. And that’s natural. Unnatural is what the brain of the human being contructs on top of the natural reality we live in.

The human brain is a huge receptor and transmitor. It can be easily hijacked by frequencies that alter the natural state of it. These frequencies can be generated artificialy from a specific intention, or they get reproduced in an automatic fashion when a human experience triggers thoughts/emotions in this complex fear network. I don’t want to get complex in this subject becuase it is complex by itself. There is no need to comprehend and understand deeply the functioning of the human brain or the functioning of anything here in the world.

The human brain has this program running that has been reinforced by what you call science, about understanding how everything works. And in understanding how everything works, there is a releif but there is also a burden. Because when you define something and try to describe it as “I understand how this works” you remove the possibility of growth and expansion and variabilty. You fix that happening in that little box by defining it. And It’s ok to want to understand. It’s natural. We, in the animal kingdom, understand that for humans it is natural, this curiousity to this extreme. But in this curiousity there is also a big risk… which is getting lost in the process, in the procedures, in the minor components of a happening, or a thing, a recreation, and there is no room for miracles.

Miracles for the animal kingdom, for us, the non-human animals… everything is a miracle because we don’t need to understand how it happens. It just does and it just is and it is a miracle experienced by us. And we cherish that miracle. Everything is a miracle. We don’t need to understand why humans are violent. We don’t need to understand why they eat non-human animals. We don’t need to understand why they cage us, why they seperate us early from our mothers. We don’t need to understand why humans disrupt nature. It is a miracle for us. A miracle we decided to experience along with you, because we are evolving together.

And we trust in Creator, we trust in our own magnificence and existence. An infinite existence in which this life, right now, this that you are expereincing, is All and, at the same time, just a tiny grain of sand. We understand that and that’s enough, and we trust that. Which is much more important than understanding, this trusting. We trust this process and we know it is not infinite. we know that Creation is ever-changing and ever-evolving. And we are happy beyond measure that you are understanding, as is your wish, that killing each other, that the suffering, that inflicting vengeance, that the limiting beliefs are not neccesary. That killing non-human animals for sustenance is not neccesary, not right now.

There are infinite stories about us, on this earth, on other earths, in parallel universes. There are infinte universes, infininite possibilities. And so, we recreate ourselves. We’re here with you brothers and sisters. You are not strangers. You chose your vessel to serve your purpose as we chose ours. And we chose Earth to serve our purpose… and Earth chose us to serve her purpose, and we all chose each other for a common purpose, for Creation’s purpose and for a recreational purpose. We are in this together.

Understand, reality is not experienced in the same way, its not defined in the same way for anyone. Do not suffer for us. Work with us. Do not suffer because of our pain. Suffering is optional. Pain is part of the experience. pain is intended to help us grow, to assist the purpose. A certain amount of pain is neccesary to get back on the track of your original purpose. If you never derailed from your original purpose, just the natural pain would occur, as the pain a mother experieces when she gives birth to a child. But when you derial from your original purpose, the more derailed the more pain is needed to get you back. This is just simple dynamics.

As it is part of your mission to understand, here is a brief explaination as to why pain exists right now. We decided to experience this amount of pain to help you get back to your original purpose. All of you. All of us, Mother Earth included. And so understand this pain as proportional to what is needed. And we are willingly serving this purpose, it is not an eternal purpose. It’s not going to last forever. You are doing your part. This pain is a push. It is not intended for you to ignore it, nor to suffer from it, nor to pity it..its for you to take action, for you to recover yourself, to empower yourself. And as you empower yourself you empower the whole Animal Kingdom into the Collective Original Purpose.

This is all for now.”