In our work with telepathic animal communication or natural communication, as we like to call it, it has become clear that like ourselves; the Human animal, all animals, and our pet’s in particular have a higher-self perspective of why they are here and what their purpose is.

A Higher-self with a Soul Mission definately exists for each animal; one that is sometimes aligned with and sometimes in opposition to the animal’s earthly vessel and it’s day-to-day experience.

The Soul’s Mission

This Soul Mission is usually centered around helping their human evolve. They do this by helping to heal our wounds (past and present) with their love and help protect us from energetic imbalances that can lead to disease by filtering or absorbing the energies around that are harming us.

When an animal has all of its basic needs of food, warmth, shelter, socialization met, they are much more likely to form a healing bond with a human and activate a deeper level of their Soul Mission. This bond is especially important because it helps both the human and the non-human animal to fulfill their soul’s mission and to evolve spiritually.

This is not to say that a dog on the streets cannot or does not have a Soul Mission and very often they are working to raise the loving vibration of an entire area in general, instead of a one-on-one healing bond with a particular human.

The Vessel Perspective

Of course, our animal companions also have the earthly mundane aspect of their existance. This type of perspective could be called the “vessel perspective” and is where things like behaviour problems, illnesses, fears and insecurities are usually made manifest.

These things can be direct reactions to a lack of love or bonding with their human companion or the lack of the basic needs mentioned above, or they could be directly related to a particular aspect of their Soul Mission.

When connecting with an animal telepathically, sometimes we see and feel an animal who is very different on their soul level than what they appear to be displaying on an every-day level.

A Dog’s lesson

I remember the case of a dog who, in our communication with her, appeared very lively, bouncy, and vital and in her spirit. However her owner affirmed that she slept most of the time and was typically very aloof and reserved in her day-to-day existence.

When this happens, we must dig further to understand why this discrepancy is taking place. In this case, there were two factors contributing. The first is simply that the dog was getting older and her vessel was too tired to express much of the vigor and vitality of her soul.

The second and most important factor was that the dog was conciously mirroring her owner’s tendency to repress her own vitality and enthusiasm for life because of not feeling heard nor acknowledged in her personal and professional life.

The Healing Mirror

The sharing of this discovery with the owner led her to examine these deeply-held patterns more closely and she was able to make changes concerning her self-expression and participation in the world. This healing was made possible because her animal friend’s higher-self was mirroring an area that was in a blind-spot for her.

It is always wise to consider both aspects of an animal’s point-of-view, the Higher self and the mundane/vessel level, so that we can find out why particular events, behaviours, illnesses, etc. are coming to our attention.

In our experience, there is always a higher meaning to everything that happens to us and when our pets are involved, we can be sure that there is a transcendant aspect to why they are doing what they do.

We find that the concept of mirroring is a very useful first step to consider when there is a problem or imbalance in our relationship with our pets. Ask yourself if something your animal companion is doing is reflecting something you do in your own life or a pattern that you are not paying attention to.

Our pets are almost always here to show us where we are out of balance and stuck in less-than-healthy dynamics in our lives, whether they be in the area of physical health, emotional issues, spiritual blocks, or the relationships we perpetuate.