While in meditation, the image of a mother gorilla with her baby in her arms was very present in my mind’s eye. She was calm, serene, and loving and her baby reached out toward me as if offering me a gentle hug. I knew they had a message for me:

“Hello Gorilla, I am here and I am listening”, I said.

“Hello Human Being.

You are beginning to open your eyes and understand the importance of feeling all of your emotions, being yourself in all of it’s wonderful and varied aspects. You are not alone. The human is beginning to stop it’s habit of pushing away what it does not enjoy, looking only for the good, the pleasant, the desired…this is not a balanced position and does not serve you in your authenticity

You are the All and if you do not embrace All of who you are, you cannot experience yourself as the Divine that you are, indeed that we All are. This is your key to remembering that we are all indeed connected, to knowing and feeling this connection in a real, heart-centered way, not just as a floating concept in the mind.

You are opening that door again.

It has been a long time… for all of you. It makes us pleased and joyful here in the animal kingdom. We have been waiting for you to stop pushing us away for so long. For in pushing us away you are denying yourself… for we are indeed you and you are us.

Do not be afraid of what you discover, what you feel, what Life brings you on your path. It is more than you think you can handle, but your heart knows it is exactly what you need, indeed, is All that you are.

You will be fine. You will be free. You will be connected again to your Source which is the source of Us All. Do not turn your back on yourself, nor on what you feel and what you experience, for in doing so you turn your back upon us and you cause much pain and suffering on all levels of existence.

We invite you home again now, opening our arms and our hearts to you, our brothers; to remember who you really are and to embrace the entirety of your being, the entirety of existence.

We love you very much and walk with you in joy upon your return to the garden, to the forest, to your home. You are not alone.”

I thanked Gorilla and her baby for their beautiful message and spent the rest of the day with an entire pack of gorillas in my mind’s eye… reminding me that indeed, we are not alone.