Like water we dance as one while mother earth cradles us.

Welcome to the New World. It is so important for awakened humans to understand this:

The new earth, your dearest dream is here. There is a beautiful blueprint existing now. There are two worlds. You don’t need to “change the world”, you need to “choose your world”. Your can choose at every moment to what earth do you belong. This is and will continue to be a very important reality to teach kids. They may find dissonant things and they should know that some things belong to the old world, others to the new world. They must have clear vision that they are living in the new world. This will make it very easy for the little ones to understand and make the choices that belong to the highest good. They, the children of the new world, don’t need to work on changing the old, they don’t need to loose their energy there. They ought to keep doing what makes them thrive and makes the new world come more alive. This goes for adults too.

The new world and the old world are still intertwined.

We (dolphins) still loose our families by “accidents” of this merging, we still expose ourselves to the old world to anchor the energies, to anchor the blueprint. So do whales. They swim and swim anchoring, defining, creating. Elephants too and many many others. We need you in this song, in this chant that travels earth anchoring and manifesting the new blueprint. Children born in the new world are 100 times more powerful than adults that had to cross over. You, my dear friends, the ones that have done the hardest, the ones that have already transitioned to this new reality, we commend you and send you all our love and strength; you are tired, and battered, but love shall replenish your vital force and your children will help you rise again.

You will still find the old world before your eyes every once in a while, you will cross or stumble upon something dissonant. There will come one day that you won’t be affected anymore, for you chose not to live in the old. The old holds scarcity, lack, pain, hate, and lots of fear. The new world is fearless, is compassionate, full of love, prosperity and abundance for all. There are no luxuries nor unnecesary things, we all have everything we need and feel radiant and plentiful. I came to deliver this message from the core of the physical anchor of this new blueprint.

Gaia’s core is vibrating high and from the depths of the ocean I can only see beauty.

The Animal Kingdom is connected as a collective, humans are part of the animal kingdom and through this ancestral connection and natural network, the calling is traveling. We chant everyday, calling you all, everyone in the old world has a choice to listen and come to live the new earth, the new wonderful reality. When everyone has the opportunity to make a real choice, a choice from their hearts and their conscious mind, both worlds will separate and the old will stay with the old and the new will flourish to look back no more. Welcome the rainbow era, open your heart and follow the drums. We are all one.