Humans are starting to remember

I am black panther... the voice of the animal kingdom: wounded, ready, quiet, firm and strong. Awakening Humans are starting to remember; "the awakening process" as it is usually called. Non-human animals are awakening too. You recognize the souls. You can even see us, different shapes, hear their names, the animal kingdom can whisper to your heart. I am mother earth, connected to all, individual

Humans are starting to remember2018-03-09T11:45:59-06:00

Do All Strays Need to be Rescued?

The Updated story of Jake, "the stray that stayed"... One might easily think that "all strays need to be rescued", that every street dog is need of a home and a human. Through the study of modern canine sciences, however, I have come to know this as far from the truth. As hard as it may be to beleive, many, if not most "stray dogs"

Do All Strays Need to be Rescued?2019-06-21T13:32:07-05:00
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