What is an Animal Ally?

An animal ally is an individual that feels an integral part of Planet Earth and understands her/his own value and importance in All. This understanding brings with it a responsibility to do one’s part to promote harmony and well-being within all systems. Discarding or rejecting one’s self and one’s responsibility only perpetuates disconnection and hinders evolution towards harmony.

Being an animal ally is acknowledging our own animal origins and nature and committing to heal the planet by healing ourselves and taking care of everything around us. An animal ally is a way of being, an attitude, and a commitment to positive change and growth.

As a proud member of the Animal Ally Program you will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to our live group discussions to talk about your animal companions, experiences, share with the team and keep developing your animal communication skills.
  • Official mention and listing on the Animal Ally Members page
  • Access to the private Facebook group for on-going sharing
  • Support in organizing educational activities to raise awareness in your community

The $9.99 USD a month that you share with Spirit Bond supports the following:

  • Development of free downloadable and printable educational handouts to share within your local community.
  • Outreach and growth of our Animal Ally community
  • Support for our blog to further awareness of the animal kingdom’s messages
  • Further development of our animal awareness programs and online courses

New “Animal Ally” Enrollment Coming Soon in 2020!

Current Animal Ally Members:

  • Susan Zajonc

  • Susan Nichols

  • Shirley Harvanka

  • Pat Good

  • Marissa Lapadura

  • Sunniva Stolanowska

  • Cheryl and Lee Jenkins

  • Gaby Portilla

  • Koru Zebley