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Grounded Spirituality

Grounded Spirituality is the understanding that everything is spirit. The task at hand while incarnated on this planet is to keep our feet on the ground, our hands dirty, and our hearts connected to this life and its people, plants, animals that make up the planet that we are intimately a part of. Grounded spirituality is a reminder to avoid the siren's call of spiritual

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An Animal’s Higher-Self and Soul Purpose

In our work with telepathic animal communication or natural communication, as we like to call it, it has become clear that like ourselves; the Human animal, all animals, and our pet's in particular have a higher-self perspective of why they are here and what their purpose is. A Higher-self with a Soul Mission definately exists for each animal; one that is sometimes aligned with and

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Gorilla – We Are Not Alone

While in meditation, the image of a mother gorilla with her baby in her arms was very present in my mind's eye. She was calm, serene, and loving and her baby reached out toward me as if offering me a gentle hug. I knew they had a message for me: "Hello Gorilla, I am here and I am listening", I said. "Hello Human Being. You

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