Lion speaking on abundance as a spiritual bypass

This is Lion; not the king of the food chain as they call me but just another sacred spirit in communion with Gaia. Learning from animals is what humans have forgotten, the learning of our ways to train their methodical brains. I am not angry… but a serious sadness and worry has been cast upon the animal realms. Beware, my dear wounded and lost friends, beware of the spiritual traps that distract you from what we really need, what we all need at this time.

Abundance and gratitude

“Abundance” and “gratitude” are something humans desperately seek these days, especially the awakened humans. You see, most of humanity still lives in disconnection and disbelief. They don’t even know who the benevolent and passionate Mother is. They walk upon her while talking about scarcity and ownership. They have forgotten how to share and therefore they feel isolated, like nobody shares with them.

One day a spark of remembrance lights up the heart and this human feels that “something is off”; something’s not right. He wonders, “Is this all there is?” and begins to realize there most be something more. His so called ‘Spiritual Awakening’ begins and here in the animal realms we rejoice for the return of one of our kind that had been lost. But the road of his awakening is long.

Spiritual Sensitivity

The awakened human doesn’t immediately turn to look into the soil and the air for answers, doesn’t immediately listen to the animals around him. His heart hurts and it starts to hurt more because when he starts to recover his spiritual sensitivity, when he starts to feel through his feminine divine-ness again, he immediately feels more sorrow, more pain, he feels the collective wounds… and he just wants that to stop. Looking around for help with a broken faith, a painful heart, and eyes in disbelief, he stumbles upon a simple but powerful word: ‘abundance’. His heart smiles and says, ‘That is exactly what I need… abundance!’.

A Big Spiritual Bypass

A big spiritual bypass now lies ahead as the battered human starts his quest for a life of abundance instead of a life of purpose. You see, in this human’s head, his concept of abundance is already formed, and probably has been formed since a very young age. Abundance for this human equals: stability, security, ownership, greatness, fame, indulgence, and success. All very foreign concepts to our Gaia essence and animal self.

Along come endless trials to achieve this version of abundance. This human gets mad at the universal laws for he is doing ‘what it takes’. Where is that juicy steak? Where is that land title? Where are the successful sales of his product or service?, he asks.


Then he finds another big spiritual bypass in his path – ‘gratitude’. “Be grateful for what you already have”… “Do not complain”… “See the beauty in everything”… “Everything happens for a reason”, they say. All of those premises are very true, but very, very distorted in the human psyche these days. “Be grateful for having a roof over your head”… even if it is inside a crowded city so far from nature’s ways. And without elaborating more on examples, the danger of these premises is that they become a spiritual bypass that hinders real change.

You settle for what’s been imposed upon you

Conformity arrives, you settle for whatever is being imposed upon you, you stop doing what needs to be done. “Don’t look at that – be grateful for every day”… “Don’t complain about what is wrong or what hurts or you will be seen as weak”… “Be positive, maintain a smiley face”.

My human friends, let me tell you about true life on earth. Harmony, balance, and compassion are what reign our morals. Sharing is our best trait. Humans have fallen into the trap of believing that animals are wild and vicious; tremendous beasts willing to kill at any moment. This distortion has been perpetuated and is very convenient to disassociate you from your true animal spirit.

In the wild

In the wild, as you call it, we live in a shared and frugal state of abundance; we never take more than we need and we give when someone is in need. Abundance is an inherent characteristic of our mother earth, not a pleasure we animals seek. We are forever grateful to the great spirit, the energetic bliss that connects and the blanket that covers us all. When animals like us hunt, it is in the spirit of sacred offering. We listen and talk to each other through our hearts. The antelope whispers first because he wants to offer his wisdom to our kind.

Every hunt, every chase, every sacred exchange, entails a specific lesson for the tribe

The function of a carnivorous being on earth is to transmute and integrate whatever the other animal is offering for clearance or sacred knowledge. This spiritual function only comes to fruition if there is harmony in the offering – The hunt and the kill. We do not enjoy the act of killing. We are in agreement with the animal species that plays the role of prey, an agreement to kill as fast as we can and with the least amount of physical pain. Most of the “prey” animals have paralysing mechanisms which are triggered during a proper hunt to decrease the physical sensation of pain to the minimum, like anesthesia.

Males and Females

Lion females are way more accurate hunters than males, because our female incarnations are completely in tune with the dance of Gaia. Gaia is primordially filled with feminine energy. The masculine divine energetics come from the heavens and the sacred marriage occurs on the surface. The male bodies also serve as anchors of this balance of energy.

There are slightly more females incarnated on planet earth, speaking about every living species, and it is meant to be so. Masculine energy is not meant to be a ruler of these realms, but a partner, a companion. We all already know the imbalance that has occurred between these two energies. I’m not going to elaborate on that subject right now. I want to continue sharing more of our ways.

We Dance

We, in the wild, welcome the weather, welcome the rain, the interactions between the elements and everything that is. We dance. Humans have come to a point where they feel they need to protect themselves from everything that is; that the world is a scary place, especially when you talk about ‘wild natural places’. If you are in tune with the communion of the animal realm, if you are authentically part of Gaia, you have nothing to fear for you will know and we all will whisper to you. When in doubt, ask and you shall receive answers. Yet, if you still doubt about your possibility of connection, if you doubt through your thoughts, you are lost.

Nature’s ways are violent but not cruel, abundant but not indulgent, frugal but not scarce, generous but not owned.

Abundance is not a thing to pursue

Abundance is not a ‘thing’ to pursue or seek, abundance is a state of living when you live in tune with nature’s ways. It has nothing to do with cars, houses, or travels. We animals don’t travel afar, we love our designated land because we are needed here and that is part of Gaia’s beautiful design. When humans move animals from their original locations, the electromagnetic field of the earth suffers. It is becoming harder and harder to hold the energetic blueprint together. Some species are disappearing altogether and this is due to the distortions in the fields.

Alien Grids

Airplanes trace a commercial energetic route that reinforces the superimposed grid, the grid that has human brains bedazzled and has a lot of people trapped in its ways. Understand that this grid is not natural and is being reinforced by several forces that are alien to this planet, indeed alien to biological life. These forces are not capable of incarnating so they need to ‘use’ already incarnated vessels. They chose the most ‘abundant’ vessel on planet earth; abundant and with capabilities of ‘harvesting’ and a brain big enough that makes it possible to ignore the heart. This vessel is the human vessel. These external forces know nothing about communion and of Gaia’s song, they are incapable of singing with her. Recover your song and share it.


One of the most disruptive things is the subjugation of another and the taking of their life without a mutual spiritual dance and a mutual agreement based in wisdom. This severs Gaia’s pulse and creates deep wounds that require a lot of effort to heal. This distortion has been taken too far. We are holding on as best as we can, but our fields are getting distorted too. The pull is too strong.

There is still hope if you believe it. There is hope if you connect. There is hope if you strive for restoring nature’s ways. Do not settle for what is wrong. Do not seek pleasure… seek purpose and the meaning of your life shall be revealed before your eyes. Every being is as important for Gaia as the sun.