It helps me to realize that there is A LOT of ancient pain and wounding in this land. From the opression, poverty, and exploitation of modern times, the Conquistas and masacres of entire nations, the blood sacrifices and inter-tribal violence, all the way back to the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria with the flooding and horrible destruction so long ago, this place has very deep wounds that are asking to be healed.

I believe all these strong weather patterns and natural disasters centered in this area (from the carribean/atlantic ocean/gulf of mexico, Florida, Mexico City, etc.) are a healing crisis and purging of these energies and are the only way these ancient scars can be dissolved and healed. I thank Mother Nature that she is doing this healing in manageable steps and not with a huge destructive release as she could.

I also believe the souls who agreed to transmute these wounds through their traumatic experiences and sacrifices are doing so with grace and in perfect service and I pray that they are comforted and held in love for the great work they are doing for the healing of the planet. I like to see this pain as the opening of a huge pocket of ancient infection, or a cespool that has reached it’s limit and has begun to be drained. There is no sense in putting our heads into the flow of putrid pain as it is released. It does no service to unnecessarily get drowned in the outflow if it is not part of your soul contract.

We can and must send love and comfort and healing as best we can and if we are in a possition to help the affected in any way, we must do what we can. But we are not meant to hold onto this pain nor become overwhelmed by it, effectively infecting ourselves by the purging of this ancient darkenss.

Let go, trust, let love in.

In my humble opinion.