Details and Process

How Cheryl creates your painting

How the process works

I ask that the person wanting to have their guide contacted and painted send me a recent photograph or short video clip of themselves.  I prefer video as hearing your voice seems to make the connection clearer and the image of your guide easier to capture. Through meditation and direct communication with my own guides while focusing on the photograph or video, I receive a vivid snapshot of the image that is to be painted, complete with the colors, pose, lighting, and surroundings meant to be portayed. All of these elements are important parts of the painting and add to the energy and the message that your guide wishes to transmit to you.

On most occasions I see the image of the animal helper clearly, and in its painted composition, on occasions I will get the image before connecting with the client, and then finding its owner when I see or hear the person. The image is usually immediate, very clear, and stays long enough for me to have a good impression of it in my memory enough to complete the painting. I have the ability to hold that snapshot in memory and use my years of training in the fine arts to translate what I’ve received into a physical representation of your spirit animal in the form of wood and paint.

I will occasionally see words or sense reasons for their involvement in your life at that time, but not as a constant, I work very much in the clairvoyant and clairsentient field, rather than clairaudient.
After receiving the image of the animal, I will often investigate the spiritual meaning of this animal to gain further clarity of the message I’ve been given. Should you wish to connect more profoundly with the specific message that it is trying to bring into your life, you can have Gaby and Koru do a Spirit Animal Discovery Sessions for a very reasonable price here.

Original works in Oil

I work on wooden MDF (medium- density fiberboard) panels for it’s stable surface and durability. I paint in glazes of whatever medium I feel reflects the image I have been given by spirit. This is usually an acrylic undercoat base (for it’s dramatically reduced drying time) with over glazes of high-quality oil paint to increase it’s luminosity and character. Some paintings may incorporate elements of collage, gold leaf, pastels or charcoal if the effect I’ve seen from spirit calls for it.


I work on wooden panels that measure 16 x 20 inches. I am open to commission requests of larger sizes, but I cannot recreate an image I’ve painted while channeling from spirit on a different scale at a later time. However, a good quality reproduction could be available if a larger or smaller scale was needed. Please contact me here for prices and possibilities of larger sixed works.