Grounded Spirituality is the understanding that everything is spirit and that the task at hand while incarnated on this planet is to keep our feet on the ground, our hands dirty, and our hearts connected to this life and its people, plants, animals that make up the planet that we are intimately a part of.

Grounded spirituality is a reminder to avoid the siren’s call of spiritual escapism and bypassing that can be so alluring while staring in the face of all the challenges and real work we have to do to protect our planet. It invites us to release our desire to “peer behind the curtain” and try to fathom the Mysteries of the Universe, and to instead focus our love and attention on the daily differences we came here to make in this world.

When we ground our spirituality in the here-and-now of life on planet Earth and engage in the day-to-day betterment of how I treat myself, treat the planet, and care for her billions of human and non-human inhabitants, we realize that we are not just seperate and isolated beings, we are not powerless to change, and we are not here to ascend our consciousness off-planet or be saved by far off extra-terrestrial races.

These realizations empower us to take a hand in the preservation and the evolution of our own consciousness, of our collective species, and of our beautiful Mother Earth. We can finally stop endlessly seeking as we realize that we truly are Home, and that we had never really left.