The Call From The Animal Kingdom

Syllabus, description and enrollment to our 8-week program

During this 8-week journey you will receive the specific tools to awaken your psychic abilities and open the path of intuitive animal communication. Through self-study of the wide variety of topics and activities, you will set a firm foundation to be able to get the most out of the dynamic and interactive chat sessions with the facilitators and the other group members each weekend. You will be able to ask questions you may have and share your experiences with the exercises so that all the group will benefit from each others perspectives.

What you will learn:

  • The origins of separation in our modern era

  • Our current separation habits

  • How to get ourselves out of the numbing trance

  • Recovering our full sensory perception

  • How to reconnect within

  • What our heart really does (beyond the organ)

  • How to achieve a coherent state of being

  • Connecting to the morphogenetic fields


  • Encoding information for other species

  • Receiving information from other species

  • How to meditate without struggle

  • Identify animal messengers in your life

  • Identify the messages from the natural realm

  • Connect and anchor with mother earth

  • Become an animal ally

You will also get

  • Access to Spirit Bond’s virtual classroom with weekly lessons for self-study where you will find key concepts and learning activities to do on your own schedule and from any device connected to the internet.
  • A weekly 90-minute live group coaching call where you will interact with group facilitators and other students to share in the learning process together and get your specific questions answered.
  • Access to recorded group calls for those that can’t make it to the live sessions.
  • Practical exercises, techniques, tips, and advice to expand your awareness and skill into the realms of the natural and animal kingdoms.
  • Inclusion in private Facebook/WhatsApp community chat group for peer-to-peer support and interaction as well as dedicated attention from the group’s facilitators.
  • Life-long access to the Spirit Bond community including private Facebook and WhatsApp group for peer support and consultation.
  • Become an Animal Ally and be part of the active movement to reconnect humans and non-human animals.

At the end you will receive a Spirit Bond Membership Badge as “Animal Ally” and you will be able to join volunteer activities to help your community.


Reservation $199 USD (before April 1st)
Second Installment on June 15th – $299 USD

Reservation $299 USD (before May 30th)
Second Installment Before June 15th – $399 USD

This is Your Chance

Start your own unique personal journey to discover the answers and messages that the animal kingdom has for you. Build a a new relationship with the animal kingdom and become an Animal Ally.

Enroll today and enjoy the changes in your relationship with animals and nature for the rest of your life.

Special Offers

After you enroll, your partner or any other family member (living in the same household) is eligible to receive a 50% discount off the total price of the 8-week program (spaces limited).

All payments must be made via PayPal. Please click on the USD links above to make the payment of your choice. For future reference you can send payments to through Paypal.