I am black panther… the voice of the animal kingdom: wounded, ready, quiet, firm and strong.


Humans are starting to remember; “the awakening process” as it is usually called. Non-human animals are awakening too. You recognize the souls. You can even see us, different shapes, hear their names, the animal kingdom can whisper to your heart.

I am mother earth, connected to all, individual and one as well. I can travel to all the hearts that beat at my drums and merge and understand; listen and provide answers.

Life on earth is being experienced through distortions

Life on earth is being experienced through distortions. The higher frequencies and vibrations along with your dedicated light work has allowed the reconnection to accelerate. Now it is time to listen, to feel, to understand. You are familiarized with the word “starseed” and what that means. There are thousands and thousands of starseeds in non-human animal vessels. Souls from higher dimensions that are here to help, to love, to anchor the light and to assist humanity. There is a different matrix installed on planet earth, one that interferes with mine, with the heart of the planet, with the heart of all, with our natural state of being.

Souls get too invested in the third dimensional world they perceive as real, many get lost in karma, repeating “lessons”. Understand these are not lessons, these are consequences of the imposed system.

Victims and offenders

You are victims and offenders as well, for you hold the key to free yourself and through your freedom you show the way. This matrix can be dissolved, it has already started to shake. The Animal kingdom is waiting for all the lightworkers who are already aware of the shift, the change, the rebirth of New Earth, the healing of the planet and everyone of us.

Starseeds choose to incarnate here very often as dogs and cats, to be close to a human but not to be a human, for humans can get lost in their brains. Through a “pet’s life” they have a greater opportunity to connect directly to your heart, to hold that connection, to awaken empathy, love and your nurturing nature.

Mirroring in the wild

In the wild, we mirror the circumstances perpetuated by the programs of greed, scarcity, hate, division. What you know as humans about the animal kingdom is biased through the lens through which humanity has lived. We need your help to change this lens, to remove it and spread the truth.

Animals are not brainless beasts, animals are heart-based beings, something that humans need to return to. Humans are by nature, heart-based beings too. Come closer to our hearts, listen to the whispers and lower your defenses. We are here to be one.

Pets and farm animals need help to heal the third dimensional traumas, to heal the wounds of the soul that has shared the burden. They, whom are closer to human beings, need help to heal to open up again.