Mother Cow – A message for 2018

Dear human children, this is mother earth speaking through my cow heart. Cows as individuals are humble creatures, nurturing, loving, caring. They reflect the mothering part of every living being on earth and every mother of every species takes light from cow's encoding to share the pure nurturing love with their sons and daughters. A wounded morphogenetic field Cows are suffering and as a collective

Mother Cow – A message for 20182018-04-05T22:32:52-05:00

Mother Earth says Resonance is Key

I was feeling sorrow in my heart, without thinking anything in particular, just feeling... the pain, the heartache of all. I said "I'm sorry, Mother" referring to Mother Earth... and she answered back... Mother Earth Answers "You don't need to be sorry, my dear. No one needs to be sorry, for we are one and we are in this together. What you experience, I experience. My

Mother Earth says Resonance is Key2018-01-13T10:37:52-06:00