Animistic Art

Your Animal Guide Painted For You

We all have animal guides, totems, and spirit animals that work with us throughout our spiritual journey.

If you would like Cheryl to tap in to Spirit for you and use her unique vision to create an authentic and original representation of your personal spirit or totem animal, she would be delighted to do so.

These one-of-a-kind custom paintings are truly energetic and healing works.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your own Spirit Animal in living color hanging in your home, office, or spiritual space!

Some examples of the beautiful work of Cheryl Jenkins

in Oil and Sumi Ink/Pencil










White Peacock


White Hart




“Messages from animals are pure and untainted by ego, they have no ulterior motive, so their messages are solely there to provide support and guidance through our lives. Different cultures take different elements from the inclusion of animals in their lives, feng shui supports, spiritual guides, their appearance in dreams, visions or simply the repeated showings of themselves in this earth plane ,this is to grasp your attention to their presence in order to portray their message.

It is also possible to call upon the strengths of certain animals, or inspire positive characteristics by actively integrating an image into your life, for example, productivity in a work environment could be inspired by the image of a bee, a beaver or cougar- whereas the image of barn owl, blue whale or hawk could invite stronger activity to receiving messages from spirit. This would be great in a restful location you may use to relax. If an animal shows up in a way that makes you take notice, there is always a reason for that appearance, however, you can call of the essence of a certain animal to help and support countless qualities.

I hope that my artwork is used to enhance energies towards manifesting a certain goal or outcome, even if that outcome is simply to gaze upon the image for relaxation. I have endeavoured to imbue my images with the characteristics that may inspire in you, but there is always the individual’s take on the power that a certain animal may instill within them. For example, a horse to me indicates feelings of freedom, wealth, and fulfilment, but it’s spiritual meanings and messages go much deeper and in much more detail than that if you wish to find them.

I hope that you enjoy browsing my painted images and reading the deeper implications of their presence in our lives, or maybe that you find the image pleasing enough to want it in your home for more consistent inspiration.”

– Cheryl Jenkins, Artist