Animals in Translation

Our specialty is the use of Telepathic Animal Communication to connect with the higher-self of your animal companion. We translate the specific messages and insights that your animal wishes to share with you, whether about your current life situation, past lives, your spiritual mission on earth together, and any other pertinent topic you animal considers important to share with you.

We refer to what we do as “translation” because we understand the importance of transmiting the complete message your animal has for you, regardless of whether it resonantes with your belief system or cosmology of the world. We understand that sometimes this can be confronting and uncomfortable, but we find that real growth and expansion often is. We endeavor to accompany you lovingly through the process of understanding and do so without judgement, bias, or omission of detail.

Your Deep Animal Communication Session is your animal’s forum to share with you everything they wish and we are solely the translators and facilitators for the message to come across.

The Process

We ask you to allow us a full week to find the right time to connect to your animal. This involves waiting for the moment that the animal is ready to share as well as finding the quiet and meditiative state neccesary to allow clear connection.

Gaby and Koru connect on their own time and recieve whatever your animal is willing to share with each one of us. Sometmes we find tat an animal is more comfortable opening up to one of or energies iver the other or that it will share different facets of the information wth each person depending on the particular resonance each person has with the individual.

We then come together and compare our notes and present the entire scope of information received to you over a live video conference session. There we work together with you, the person who knows your animal the best, to decipher the exact messages that your animal wants to share with you at that time.

Our consultations are usually focused on the healing and higher-self aspects of the animal and often times life-changing information for both the human and the animal came through.

Though we work with spirit in a number of ways, our main focus is on re-igniting the connection and communication between the human and the non-human animal worlds. We believe that the re-sensitization of the human being to it’s animal nature and origins is fundamental to healing on both a personal and a planetary level. Go here for info about our in-depth 8 week course to learn how to achieve this healing connection.

Deceased Animal Loved Ones

We are all at different places on our journey and our needs change as we grow. We allow spirit to dictate the session and find that in doing so, greater healing is realized. We help people move beyond their patterning and the things holding them back from becoming all that they are.

We can also help you to connect to the soul of an animal that has passed on, through our Connect to a Deceased Animal Loved One sessions. In addition to putting your mind at ease as to the well-being of your animal, we can help you understand their plans and intentions as well, such as re-incarnation back into your life, staying on the other side as part of your Spiritual Guidance Team, or moving on to other adventures.

In each session we offer, the connection and understanding acheived enriches your own spiritual growth and inner work as well as the well-being of the animal involved. This is because the animal becomes better able to fulfill its life mission with its human companion. This helps both parts of the human/animal relationship to evolve and grow.

Additional Healing

In our sessions, the animal kingdom guides us to reveal what the person, family and/or the individual pet needs. This often includes inner child work, shadow work, soul retrievals / past life healings, etc. for the human. It may also include suggested shifts in diet, relationships, etc. for the animal.

If an animal specifically calls for additional help and healing with these areas, we also offer distance healing, soul retreivals, and coaching through inner child,past life, and shadow work. If an animal requests or suggests something for the person (or for the animal itself) that falls out of our line of expertise, we will gladly refer you to a professional in that specific area to help you with that part of your healing.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, incorporating the point of view of your animal companion and allowing the guidance of the animal kingdom to inform your life always enriches your experience and your understanding of the many steps we are asked to take along the spiritual path.


  • When you choose a session with us, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire with information about your animal such as name, species, age, gender, etc.
  • You will also be asked to upload a recent photo of your pet.
  • If you have any particular concerns or questions you would like us to convery to your animal companion, there will be a space to include those as well. If not, we will do a free-form session and allow what the animal wishes to share come through. We find that the most interesting and life-changing information comes through when we allow the animal to guide the conversation.
  • After we receive your written response, photo, and payment, we each connect with your animal individually without sharing any impressions we may initially have, so as to not infulence the information coming through.
  • We then compare our results and bring all the information that comes through to discuss with you on a Live video conference call using Zoom.

We look forward to working with you and your animal soon!