Our Pledge and Goals

An Animal Ally is a way of Being!

As Animal Allies we commit ourselves to honor, protect, respect, and recognize the equality of all animals – human and non-human animals alike. We are aware that to restore planet earth we must start changing our everyday habits and that every action counts… as small as it may seem. As Animal Allies, we realize we are in constant evolution and we strive to move forward everyday to achieve the following permanent changes in ourselves as well as raising awareness of the following issues in our circles of influence.

As an Animal Ally, I pledge to:

  • Consider animal companions as part of the family.
  • Learn more about the animal species that surround us.
  • Eliminate the use of choke chains, shock collars, and prong collars in dogs and spread the word about the harm they inflict on our beloved animal friends.
  • Never declaw cats, as we understand this violates their nature and puts them at great risk.
  • Never cut the ears nor tail of my dogs, as we understand that this causes them physical and psychological trauma and represents an impairment in their dog-to-dog communication and interactions. I understand that it may also lead to chronic phantom pain in the mutilated/amputated body parts.
  • Not eat meat nor dairy products, as we understand that participating in this industry is supporting the biggest grid of violence, torture and suffering in the world. Also we are aware of the global crisis we are living right now and that the meat and dairy industry are the main actors responsable in the destruction of environment, global warming, disease, super resistant bacterias and viruses, and cancer, amongst others. We are conscious that the transition to a vegan diet might not come easy to everyone and entails getting rid of addictions, patterns and old habits and just as we offer support we also need support from our peers to encourage change and find the strength while we cross to the other side of the bridge.
  • Change the old anthropocentric view of the world for an all-inclusive view where we are all part of a connected circle and not a heirarchical  pyramid. We acknowledge that the human is not meant to dominate all the other lifeforms on planet earth but instead to respect them and play the part of custodian, caretaker, and guardian of all life.
  • Change every approach based on “dominance” and “power over others” for a compassionate relationship and understanding of “power with”.
  • Stop buying new products that are made of animal derivates.
  • Recycle, reuse, reduce packaging while moving towards zero waste.
  • Prefer used clothes and accesories over brand new ones.
  • Eliminate paper wrappings for gifts at birthdays, christmas, and other holidays.
  • Make our own compost at home for our organic residues.
  • Plant trees when ever we find the opportunity to do so.
  • Choose bicycle and public transportation over car when ever we have have the opportunity.
  • Carpool as often as possible.
  • Eliminate the use of plastic bags and substitute them for paper bags, reusable cloth bags, or no bag at all.
  • Choose glass containers over plastic ones.
  • Read the labels on commercial foods to avoid harmful and toxic chemicals.
  • Choose fairtrade companies and ecofriendly products even if they seem more expensive. We are aware that these type of products are more expensive for the end consumer because they have a fair production line, instead of exploting and abusing people, children, non-human animals, and the enviornment to achieve lower costs for mass production.
  • Choose adoption of homeless pets over buying pets in stores. We are aware of the illegal conditions in which ‘pet’ animals are traded and transfered from place to place as well as the “puppy mills” situation.

Being an Animal Ally is a lifestyle and a way of being. This pledge is a beginning towards global consciousness, responsability, and respect for all living things and to do the best we can to become conscious actors on the world stage in which we live.

This pledge is a map and a goal to strive for and not being able to fulfill one or more of these things at the present time does not exclude you from being an Animal Ally as long as you are endeavoring to incorporate these attitudes and behaviors more and more into your actions each and every day.