Animal Allies

Members of the program

The Animal Ally program started in November 2017

We are currently a total of: 8 members

We work together to achieve a better world for all animals (human and non-human) by restoring the peace, harmony and respect among species. We share the same cause and the same challenges all around the globe and, as a group of very different individuals, we unite the rhythm of our hearts to beat at the same drum, mother earth’s drum.

Our beloved dogs, cats, birds and other furry companion animals are our most immediate guides and they lead the way through the big hearted lessons they share with us, encouraging us to keep learning and expanding our awareness about what we need within and without.

We invite you to join us. The future is in our hands.

Active Members:

  • Marissa Lapadura, CA
  • Shirley Harvanka, CA
  • Susan Nichols, AR
  • Susan Zajonc, AR
  • Patricia Good, FL
  • Gabriela Portilla, Mexico
  • Koru R. Zebley, Mexico