About SpiritBond and its Founders

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Our Mission and Vision

SpiritBond is dedicated to building bridges between animals and people. Using our psychic sensitivities and connection with the animal kingdom, we help people re-ignite their own energetic links and telepathic communication with Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

We offer personal interspecies communication sessions for humans and their pets as well as Spirit Animal discovery sessions, communication with a deceased animal loved one, and exciting courses and group calls that guide others to remember and expand the ability that we all have to communicate telepathically with the natural world.

We feel deeply that our connection to the animal and plant kingdoms is key to healing as an individual and as a collective. It is our pleasure and honor to assist you in recovering this sacred link and to heal the divide that has existed between our authentic animal selves and our intelectual thinking selves for far too long.

We envision a world of ecospirituality, where all life on earth is not only valued, respected, cared for, and loved but also acknowledged as our equals, our friends, our teachers, and fellow travellers towards enlightenment.

Will you join us in making this vision a reality?

Who Are We?

 Gaby Portilla

Holistic Therapist, Animal Communicator and Intuitive, Dog Behaviour and Nutrition Specialist

I enjoy combining my in-depth knowledge of science, holistic therapy, vibrational medicine, nutrition, and animal behaviour together with the intuitive and psychic sciences to increase the well-being of the animal kingdom. I use my theoretical background to inform and compliment the heart-based information I recieve through my particular psychic sensitivity. My specialty is the successful integration of individuals of non-human species (dogs in particular) with their human families.

Since 2010, I have dedicated my life to spreading animal culture, respect, and understanding throughout the world and especially throughout the world’s spanish-speaking communitties, where it is needed so crtitically at this time.

Koru R. Zebley

Holistic Therapist, Animal Communicator and Intuitive, Energy Healer

My passion since childhood has always been anything to do with nature, animals, and the realms of Spirit. When I first realized I could communicate with other beings telepathically, I threw myself whole-heartedly into developing this ability.

In 2011, I realized what Masters and Teachers our animal friends can be after having the privilege of spending 2 years of my life with Buster the dog; the happiest, most resilient, and determined being that I’ve ever met. Despite having lost all movement and sensitivity in the lower half of his body in an automobile accident, Buster taught me and countless others that even through seemingly insurmountable odds and obstacles one can always spread love, cheer, and enthusiasm for life.

Because of him, I’ve decided to dedicate my life to combining my spirituality with my love for the natural world in a way that helps both people and animals to find and strengthen the bond that has always existed between us.