Deep Animal Communication

Translating the deep messages from the animal kingdom to achieve a grounded transformation of humanity.

Your animal companions and animal guides are ready to talk to you.
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“The Call From The Animal Kingdom” – a program to re-ignite the language of the heart and reconnect with the animal kingdom.

Animistic Art

Intuitive Artist, Cheryl Jenkins connects, feels and sees your animal spirit guide. With her beautiful abilities, she portraits the animal and creates energy infused paintings with healing properties.

SpiritBond is dedicated to building bridges between animals and people.

We use our psychic sensitivities and connection with the animal kingdom to help people re-ignite the energetic and telepathic links we all share with the natural world and her inhabitants.

Deep Animal Communication:

In the growing field of Animal Communication, there are many levels of depth that can be explored.

The physical world and the vessel that an animal inhabits to explore it both have their own perspectives and messages to understand and attend to. The spirit realms and the higher self of an animal also have their own unique and important messages to share.

While we, as deep animal communicators, are tuned to both of these realms, we find that our particular practice of connection tends to bring through the spiritual side of the situation.

When we connect telepathically with an animal, the depth of the messages that come through can and often do initiate profound processes of healing and transformation for both the animal and the person that requests the communication.

We refer to our work as a form of ‘translation’ because we recognize the absolute need for maintaining the integrity of the messages received even when they may result in discomfort, often confronting or challenging the beliefs and assumptions of the person.

As any translator from one language to another, we strive to bring forward the heart-centered messages from the universal language of telepathy that animals use to communicate and transmit them in a way that preserves the content, context, and the full energetic impact that the animal intended.

We assure that you are accompanied through the process of understanding what we receive and provide a fertile and loving space for any necessary transformation to take place.

When we and our animal companions are transformed for the better in a grounded and authentic way, we become part of the foundation for sustainable positive change throughout the entire planet and all her inhabitants.

Podcast: When Nature Calls

Our new podcast brings you messages from the animal kingdom

that are timely and urgent that humanity hear and heed.

Check out the latest episode here!

Dolphin – Two Worlds

Like water we dance as one while mother earth cradles us. Welcome to the New World. It is so important for awakened humans to understand this: The new earth, your dearest dream is here. There is a beautiful blueprint existing now. There are two worlds. You don't need...

Who Rescues Who?

One could say that "all strays need to be rescued" but through the study of modern canine sciences, I know this to be far from the truth. Many, if not most "stray dogs" (whom I prefer to call "village dogs" as Raymond Coppinger Ph.D describes in his book Dogs: A New...

Lion – Abundance as a Spiritual Bypass

This is Lion; not the king of the food chain as they call me but just another sacred spirit in communion with Gaia. Learning from animals is what humans have forgotten, the learning of our ways to train their methodical brains. I am not angry... but a...

Horse – About pain and suffering

I was driving and reviewing my errands list in my mind, when all of a sudden I received the image of a horse in an enclosed space, probably a horse trailer. I immediately felt worried about the unfortunate (to say the least) situation of millions of animals right now...

A Dog’s Message about Resilience

“I find myself in a dark-ish place. I don't really understand what's happening, my body shakes and trembles with fear. My heart hurts because of what I feel around me. I try to remember where I was yesterday and I can't. I hear sounds that reawaken old fears in me....

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Did you know an animal's mission is to help us evolve?

People and animals are connected through bonds in our emotional and energetic bodies. Healing these bonds is key to understanding our relationships and helping each species evolve.

Would you like to know your pet's specific purpose in life?

Our pets are not in our lives by accident, some even say they “choose us”. They come with very specific missions and are willing to stay with us until they see it through.

Do you love your animals and would like to see them truly well?

Many chronic illnesses come from past traumas or soul pieces that the animal has lost along its journey. See your animal companions thrive and put an end to those inconclusive vet visits.

Would you like to know what your animals really think and feel?

Stop wondering what might your dog, cat or horse is thinking. Tap into their true feelings and learn what they really need you to hear. You may be completely surprised!

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