A Dog’s Message about Resilience

“I find myself in a dark-ish place. I don't really understand what's happening, my body shakes and trembles with fear. My heart hurts because of what I feel around me. I try to remember where I was yesterday and I can't. I hear sounds that reawaken old fears in me....
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Horse – About pain and suffering

I was driving and reviewing my errands list in my mind, when all of a sudden I received the image of a horse in an enclosed space, probably a horse trailer. I immediately felt worried about the unfortunate (to say the least) situation of millions of animals right now...
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Mother Whale – The back door

This is Whale. Mother Whale. My chants today are tears, sorrow, and joy. Mother earth is rising again as goddess, and with her the divine feminine awakens in every living creature, male and female, in all. The sacred feminine cries, releases and transmutes ages of...
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Gorilla – We Are Not Alone

While in meditation, the image of a mother gorilla with her baby in her arms was very present in my mind's eye. She was calm, serene, and loving and her baby reached out toward me as if offering me a gentle hug. I knew they had a message for me: "Hello Gorilla, I am...
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Humans are starting to remember

I am black panther... the voice of the animal kingdom: wounded, ready, quiet, firm and strong. Awakening Humans are starting to remember; "the awakening process" as it is usually called. Non-human animals are awakening too. You recognize the souls. You can even see...
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Did you know an animal's mission is to help us evolve?

People and animals are connected through bonds in our emotional and energetic bodies. Healing these bonds is key to understanding our relationships and helping each species evolve.

Would you like to know your pet's specific purpose in life?

Our pets are not in our lives by accident, some even say they “choose us”. They come with very specific missions and are willing to stay with us until they see it through.

Do you love your animals and would like to see them truly well?

Many chronic illnesses come from past traumas or soul pieces that the animal has lost along its journey. See your animal companions thrive and put an end to those inconclusive vet visits.

Would you like to know what your animals really think and feel?

Stop wondering what might your dog, cat or horse is thinking. Tap into their true feelings and learn what they really need. You may be completely surprised!

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 Unravel the mysteries that are held in the psychic realm of our ancestral relationship with animals and apply them in a modern-day context.


Receive specific tools to awaken your psychic abilities and open the path of intuitive animal communication.


Interpret the significance of power animals, totems, and animal archetypes in their various appearances in our lives whether they be in dreams, meditations, or real life encounters.


Clear your animal companions of the negative energy that they tend to accumulate through past traumas and the daily healing they perform with you and their human families.

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Weeks of group and personal coaching just for you!

Experience profound emotional healing for you and your animal by becoming an Animal Ally.

An Overview of “The Healing Journey To Become An Animal Ally”

Unit I: Reconnect

Weeks 1-2 We begin by recovering our innate connection with subtle energies and our
intuition, the animal and plant kingdoms, and the world that surrounds us. By sharpening our inner vision through exercises designed to strengthen our abilities of observation and imagination and our sensitivity to the subtle signals of life, we put a firm foundation in place to move forward on this journey into ourselves.

Unit II: Ancestral Wisdom

Weeks 3-4 Here we take our knowledge from the personal to the transpersonal level. We dive into the rich realms of dreams, shamanic power animals, totems, and animal archetypes and discover what they have to teach us in the modern world. We will discover our powerful connection and responsibility within the web of life and how connecting to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors can help ensure the survival of our species and the health of our planet and all its inhabitants.

Unit III: An Animal’s Purpose


Weeks 5-6 In this unit, we explore the spiritual missions of the various animals on our planet, from farm animals and domesticated companions to inhabitants of the wilderness and the waters. We will examine our part in their ultimate purpose and the serious social and ecological implications of collectively relegating them to the status of mere “beasts of burden” and food sources for our enjoyment and consumption. This unit will dramatically change the way you see the animal world and our place in it as fellow animals.


Unit IV: Mirroring

Weeks 7-8 In this core unit, we use the concept of mirroring to see deeply into the issues and patterns that are holding us back.We analyze the relationships we share with the animals in our lives and learn about the impact they have on our personal journey. We start to see the key role they play and how they are an important component to unraveling our own issues and life purpose if we know how to listen.

Unit V: Your journey

Weeks 9-10 In personal coaching and healing sessions, we will use intuitive animal communication to receive your animal’s specific messages and advice for your personal growth for you. In the context of the supportive environment of the group, we will elaborate a detailed plan to move forward on any physical or emotional issues that you or your animal may be facing. With our renewed sensitivity, we dig deeply into our own personal stories as a group and begin discovering the inner life of our pets.

Unit VI: Become an Animal Ally

Weeks 11-12 Drawing on all the information, insights, epiphanies, and personal messages from our animals that we have gained over the course of the program, we now focus on integrating it all into a renewed way of relating to our animals, our families, and the world around us using real and practical means. Together, we make a clear and grounded roadmap to cement in the new transformation you have achieved into a growing and ever-expanding way of being that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

The Animal Kingdom is here to help us evolve...

…but humans have forgotten how to listen to their messages. How long will we keep animals waiting to fulfill their purpose?

You’re here because you consider yourself an animal person. You’re spiritually inclined or would like to be, and you wish to connect to your pet or animal companion in a deep and meaningful way to begin to accomplish their life’s mission as well as yours.

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Koru R. Zebley


Holistic Therapist, Animal Communicator, Energy & Crystal Healer, Reiki Master

My passion since childhood has always been anything to do with animals and ever since I first realized I could communicate with them on a subtle level I dedicated myself whole-heartedly to developing this. I love combining spirituality with my love for the natural world to help people and animals alike find and strengthen the bond that has always existed between them.

I met Gaby in 2012, while living Oaxaca, México and now know beyond a doubt that this was the result of a complex plan orchestrated by the Universe and through our two dogs, Buster and Leo.

My dog Buster was the happiest, most resilient, and determined being that I’ve ever met, despite him being stuck in a wheelchair from 6 months old after having lost all movement and sensitivity in the lower half of his body in an automobile accident. During his short but very happy stay in this world, Buster taught me and many others that, even through seemingly insurmountable odds and obstacles, one can always spread love, cheer, and enthusiasm for life.

I currently live in beautiful Puebla, México with Gaby and our 3 dogs: Lua, Bumsi, and, of course, Leo.

Gaby Portilla


Holistic Therapist, Animal Communicator, Psychic Intuitive, Dog Behaviour and Nutrition Specialist

I enjoy combining my in-depth knowledge of science, holistic therapy, vibrational medicine, nutrition and animal behaviour with the intuitive and psychic sciences in the service of the increased well-being of the animal kingdom and the integration of dogs in particular with their human families.

I dedicate most of my time striving to spread animal culture, respect, and understanding in the spanish-speaking populations of the world. Since 2010, I use my intelectual background to inform and compliment the heart-based information I recieve through animal communication and psychic sensitivity.

In 2012, I was guided to a pet-friendly hotel in Oaxaca for my vacations because of my dog Leo, who has spent almost every minute of his 8 year-old life by my side. He is a very special dog who’s mission has been in part to show me first hand the needs of very sensitive individuals and because of him, I was inspired to form the now hugely successful not-for-profit organization Supercachorros.org which has provided Latin America with cutting edge information on dogs for the last 7 years.

In that little hotel en Oaxaca, Leo and Buster fulfilled one of their life-mission contracts by irreversably pushing together Koru’s and my life paths, resulting in our loving partnership and the birth of Spirit Bond…..and, as they say, the rest is history!

Here’s a short video clip of the day Buster and Leo meet on the beautiful beaches of Oaxaca

‘A Healing Journey to Become An Animal Ally’

12-week online live coaching program

to unravel the mysteries that are held in the psychic realm of our ancestral relationship with animals in a modern-day context

We offer different payment options according to your needs. Couples and family plans are available.

Schedule your complimentary session to discuss pricing, payment plans, what to expect, and if this program is right for you.

At the end of this course you and the relationship you have with your pets will be totally transformed and you will be confident in your connection and the messages that you receive from the animal kingdom.

If you’re already involved with working with animals or you practice any of the following disciplines: Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, Meditation, Intuitive Animal Communication, etc., we know you are going to love this program.

Even if you’re curious about these topics (or have never heard of them before but you are open-minded) and have a genuine love and respect for animals, we feel this program is for you.

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